Sip in the Moment!

Earnest & Humble is a craft coffee brand that you can love and celebrate for its deep, full-bodied taste, sustainable practices and global mindfulness.

Our founder’s, Ernest, family has grown coffee for generations.

In 2016, Ernest headed back to his roots in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. He went on a two month adventure that allowed him to not only reconnect with his family and the beautiful Ugandan culture, but also experience coffee farming that his grandma had once done.

Ernest’s deep appreciation for community, desire to help the coffee farmers earn a better livable wage, and determination to create more meaningful moments inspired him to start Earnest & Humble Co.

Earnest & Humble was born.

Ernest realized that this journey impacted him on a much deeper level. Building strong relationships with the farmers, discovering that natural processed coffee had little to no bitterness and filling his cup with meaningful moments daily changed the way he viewed the world. 

We believe in producing premium organic coffee while minimizing environmental impact to the earth.