A wow experience for your guests!

Creating an amazing 5-star review guest experience that sets you apart from the competition can be challenging. We offer a new way to think about hotel coffee while maintaining the convenience and self-service of a k-cup.

Single Serve Pods

Order quantities starting at 30, 60, to 500+. These orders can be mixed with the variety of origins and flavors, giving an option for every guest.

Ground or Whole Beans

Our coffee bags come in 6 oz or 12 oz bags as well as ground or whole beans. These premium beans are sourced directly from East Africa with a variety of flavors to choose from.

Hospitality Box

A taste of local, offer your guests craft coffee gift boxes that are distinctive, unique, and sustainable.

The freshness and smooth, never-bitter taste of our organic craft coffees are sure to delight your guests and make a great impression!

I'm never surprised by the quality coming from E&H! Great flavors, perfectly roasted - and great service on top of it all. Highly recommend!


This coffee tastes amazing! I look forward to getting up every morning and brewing this stuff! Not to mention this company seems amazing and I am definitely going to continue to order from them and recommend them to friends and family. Thanks a lot!