Why Earnest & Humble?

We are committed to providing delicious, gourmet, single-origin, naturally processed, that is yeast and mold-free coffee in sustainable packaging.

Single Origin Coffee

We offer single-origin coffee to share the characteristics and terroir of the beans.

Naturally Processed

Naturally processed coffee is sundried on raised beds, which conserves water and captures the sweetness of the bean (goodbye bitterness).

Compostable & Recyclable

We love our planet and are committed to preserving it. Our K-cups are 100% compostable and our bags are recyclable.

A Full body, less bitter brew for you!

Did you know many coffee beans are contaminated with mold?

Because we use the sun-dried process and water is not used to wash the coffee, our beans remain yeast and mold-free.

I'm never surprised by the quality coming from E&H! Great flavors, perfectly roasted - and great service on top of it all. Highly recommend!


This coffee tastes amazing! I look forward to getting up every morning and brewing this stuff! Not to mention this company seems amazing and I am definitely going to continue to order from them and recommend them to friends and family. Thanks a lot!