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Coffee is a daily part of our lives.

We drink it to wake up and jump-start our day. We gather around it with our friends and family. We meet for a cup to share our hopes and dreams and to kindle a romantic spark.

We pair it with a little dessert after an incredible night to feel settled, warm and safe. Coffee has this special, almost mystical way of connecting us to one another.

At Earnest & Humble Co., we are stewards of coffee. We source it directly from East African farmers and connect to our customers whose daily life is fueled by this irresistible bean. But why do we do it? You just need to look to our roots.

Our Founder

Ernest Nteza was born in Kampala, Uganda, and came from generations of coffee growers. As an adult, he learned more about the natural process his family used to grow and roast coffee, and wanted to share his unique heritage, heartfelt passion, in-depth knowledge and distinctively delicious coffee with others.

Before Ernest founded Earnest & Humble, he went back to Uganda for two months to experience the whole coffee process himself. He lived and breathed not only coffee, but the beautiful culture and people.

This coffee journey became more than just immersing himself into the coffee world, but about the people and planet. Ernest grew close to the farmers and knew he wanted to develop strong partnerships with them so that the world can taste their delicious coffee.

In addition, Ernest saw first hand how appreciative the farmers were for the land and how resourceful they were. From this, his desire to protect the planet grew even more.
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