Our mission

To offer high quality, sustainable products while inspiring people to spread kindness, love, and generosity.

Our Vision

Our vision for Earnest & Humble Co. might start with coffee, but we believe  we can help inspire a movement to better not only ourselves, but our planet. We owe it to ourselves and futures generations to commit to growth, kindness and sustainability.

No matter the country or culture people come from, we all are the same inside. We all need love and kindness and crave genuine connection. This commonality can help bring people together from all over to create a better world.

We’re building an Earnest & Humble Tribe, connected by coffee and built around the idea that we can make the world a better, kinder, more beautiful place for all to live in.

Our Beliefs

We stand by the phrase: Be earnest. Be humble. Be a better you.

+We believe being earnest in all that you do. To us, earnest means authenticity and strength. This mean you uphold your values and allow them to guide you.

+We believe in valuing humility. Always be selfless, aware of yourself and empathetic towards others.

+We believe in working hard to better ourselves daily. Learning never stops, we must strive to grow every day.

+ We believe generosity and kindness is a mindset. We seek opportunities to serve others and to build a world where we can secure health, happiness, and prosperity for all.

+ We believe in a commitment to honesty and transparency. We must be genuine to each other and ourselves to live an authentic life of which we can be proud.

+We believe in protecting the planet. It is important to care for our planet, we haven't found another one to live on yet.

About Earnest & Humble

Earnest & Humble Co. sells gourmet, sustainable, single-origin, naturally processed coffee that is organic, yeast-free and mold-free.

Now is the time to ditch the low quality blends and discover naturally processed (sundried, which saves water), craft coffee that is ethically sourced directly from East African farmers.

Our coffee selection includes K-Cups and whole beans done in a medium or french roast. Single purchases are shipped within 48 hours directly to your door for maximum freshness. Subscriptions are shipped on the 15th and 30th of every month.

Not only is our coffee more sustainable than water-washed coffee, but our packaging is as well. So go ahead, leave the world a little cleaner with our compostable, and eco-friendly pods and packaging.

Why Earnest & Humble

We are committed to providing gourmet, single-origin, organic, sundried, yeast and mold-free coffee in compostable packaging.

+ Single Origin Coffee: We offer single-origin coffee to share the characteristics and terroir of the beans.

+ Naturally Processed: Naturally processed coffee is sundried on raised beds, which conserves water and captures the sweetness of the bean.

+ Yeast and Mold Free: As water is not used to wash the coffee, the beans remain yeast and mold-free.

+ Direct Trade: We are consistently working on farmer relationships to support farmer-owned coffee and eliminate the middleman.

+ Compostable & Recyclable: We love our planet and are committed to preserving it. Our K-cups and bags are 100% compostable.

+ Charitable Impact: We aim to support charities that empower undeserved communities both locally and globally.

Earnest & Humble strives to be a catalyst that propels humanity forward

By investing in community institutions such as smallholder farmers and co-ops utilizing sustainable agricultural practices, education, clean water initiatives and access to technology, we hope to empower people to live, succeed and eventually give back to the world. We’re starting a cycle of positivity, grown and nurtured by like-minded individuals. We are one tribe, one global community, who all believe in the power of connection, the beauty in differences and the protection of our planet.
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