Did you know coffee is a fruit?

Did you know coffee is a fruit?

Like the wine grape, the ripest coffee fruits are picked, fermented and processed in a similar manner. Farmers are in pursuit of a full-body, the perfect aroma, and a touch of sweetness. While many factors play a role in the process, the most important factor is the terroir where these fruits are grown.

The soil, the weather, the hills and mountain slopes tell us about the people, the culture, and how we are all connected to one another through our cup of coffee. As you know, a great cup of coffee or a tasty glass of wine is more than just about taste, it's about how it makes us feel.

As I continue to progress through this process, I have you in mind. I have a commitment to serving you, by sourcing quality coffee directly from farmers who you will get a chance to get know. We hope they will get to know you too!


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